The Tax Saving Quiz


Tax Saving! How familiar are you with this concept?
Let’s figure it out

  1. What does tax saving mean to you?

    A) Saving money

    B) Making investments

    C) My CA knows better

    D) I don’t know

  2. Do you think tax planning is critical for our financial well-being?

    A) Yes

    B) No

    C) Tax planning?

    D) No time for it

  3. Are you aware there are over 7 tax saving options available for you?

    A) Yes

    B) No

    C) Really

    D) I don’t care

  4. Do you think tax saving is:

    A) Opportunity

    B) Legal formality

    C) Stressful

    D) Waste of time

  5. Ever heard of Public Provident Fund (PPF)?

    A) Yes, it’s a tax saving option

    B) No, what is PPF?

    C) Heard about it somewhere

    D) Not interested

  6. Do you think mutual funds or Equity Linked Savings Schemes can help save tax?

    A) Yes

    B) Not sure if they do

    C) I wasn’t aware they help with tax saving

    D) No, they are unpredictable

  7. Did you know you can even utilise your home loan repayment for tax saving?

    A) Yes

    B) No

    C) Really?

    D) Thanks for informing

  8. Where did you hear about tax saving first?

    A) Home

    B) Office

    C) College

    D) Can’t recall

  9. Are you aware of the amount of tax you pay?

    A) Yes

    B) No

    C) Somewhat

    D) Never checked

  10. From your knowledge, what would be your preferred tax saving option?

    A) PPF/Fixed Deposit

    B) Home Loan

    C) Mutual Funds

    D) Others

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