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4 steps to protect your goals from market volatility

Learn to prioritize Whenever the markets go down, investors are told to ride out the volatile phase and to wait patiently for the markets to rebound. However, there are some goals you just can’t put on the backburner. What if your kid’s college semester is about to start and you were banking on your investments […]

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How does the e-KYC process work?

For years, the KYC (Know Your Customer) process has been a deterrent to mutual fund investments. However, the past one year has seen fund houses making tremendous progress in this regard, as SEBI, the market regulator has eased up the on-boarding process significantly. The paperless KYC process for the mutual fund investments is an initiative in this […]

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Rebalance your mutual fund portfolio in 4 simple steps

Review your portfolio regularly to see how your investments are doing and use this opportunity to eliminate underperformers. If your portfolio has underperformed, you may need to increase the investment amount. A bull or a bear run can skew the asset allocation, so you must rebalance your retirement portfolio at regular intervals. It may sound […]

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