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Plan Your Taxes Better

How to find a good tax advisor

Just like a good doctor addresses your health concerns, a good tax advisor helps resolve financial or tax related queries. A tax planner or tax advisor is a professional who helps you with various personal or business tax related issues through proper planning and guides you at every step of your financial journey. Just because we […]

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5 common mistakes people make while filing income tax returns

  Filing income tax returns has become relatively easier now, however, people often make some mistakes that lead to defective returns or problems later at the time of claiming a tax refund. Following are 5 common mistakes you must guard against while filing your income tax returns online: Failing to mention all income sources It’s […]

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What is indexation?

You’d have definitely heard about the term indexation if you’ve sold any debt mutual fund units or any real estate property in the past. Let’s throw some light on it and on the terms associated with it. What’s meant by indexation? Indexation is the name given to the technique of making purchase price adjustments to […]

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What you should know about the new mandatory KYC norms

As per law, all old and new mutual fund investors are required to provide certain additional KYC (Know Your Customer) details to their respective fund houses. Following are some important points you should be aware of in this regard: In September last year a circular was released by the AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of […]

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