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Power of Compounding

Power Of Compounding Your investment of 5,000 Rs can grow considerably in 20 years. Stay invested for the long term *The above graph assumes 12% rate of return **The graph is only for illustration

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6 ways to minimize stock market losses

In investing, just like in life, there are no guarantees. The only thing you can be somewhat certain of, is that there will be a few dips along the way where the value of your investments drop, hopefully before rising again. The longer you’re in the game, the better your chances of walking away a […]

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4 steps to protect your goals from market volatility

Learn to prioritize Whenever the markets go down, investors are told to ride out the volatile phase and to wait patiently for the markets to rebound. However, there are some goals you just can’t put on the backburner. What if your kid’s college semester is about to start and you were banking on your investments […]

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 Difference between saving and investing

The terms savings and investments have often been used interchangeably, as both of them involve earning a certain amount of returns over a period of time. Although it cannot be denied that savings do earn you a certain amount of income, especially speaking in context of bank accounts, we should understand that the act of […]

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What is an emergency fund

Emergency Fund is that reserve amount of money saved to cover financial expenses during unforeseen circumstances such as sudden medical expenditure, repairs to property, unplanned travel expenses etc. Medical Contingency fund is a particular emergency fund to be used only for medical expenditure. It is important for the value of an emergency fund to be […]

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